jwan heahA bit of history

My passion for advertising & event management stemmed from being involved with conceptualizing, promoting, selling, and organizing ‘The Bond Prix Motor Show & Rally’. This event bagged us the Fischer & Shaw prize during our undergraduate years. If i were to look further back, my father played a major influence as he operated (still operates) the most established racquet sport store in Malaysia and was organising professional Tennis and Badminton competitions. He was also one of the pioneers in the early Malaysian skateboarding scene (89 – 92) and was organising skate competitions and demos during my childhood years.

Having organised international student dance parties during my undergraduate days, i dived head in and established my own outfit organizing parties in clubs upon graduating. Without proper business acumen, i was unable to keep the company afloat for long. A job in sales followed by a passion driven stint in international motorsports management with the inaugural Porsche Carrera Cup Asia (where i learnt about discipline, image, and attention to detail from my boss), i could not stay away from what i enjoyed most and returned to the world of events & advertising.

One short lived business venture was followed suit by an amazing 7-years. I was one third of a unique trio that led an amazing team in building a brand that thrived on excellence in delivery of services. Our mantra was “deliver or die trying” and we maintained a near perfect delivery streak during our heydays. Our record year saw our team executing over 108 events and we had a proud list of name drop worthy clients including British American Tobacco, Heineken, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Perodua. Our crowning glory was the establishment of our 12,200sq.ft #campus3sixty, an integrated facility that housed our offices, warehouse, factory, and event space. After 7 glorious years, the three musketeers parted ways to pursue our own passions.


A believer of empowering communities and knowledge sharing, i’m constantly looking for opportunities to learn and always ready to share my experiences and knowledge. Through this belief, it led me to Mr. Derek Toh of WOBB. Together we co-founded a community initiative known as WORKCULTURE.ASIA. A platform where we curate and share good corporate culture practices and have a vision of creating a gorgeous Malaysia and maybe Asia, one workplace at a time.

Methods and practices shared here in this blog are not the best nor are they roadmaps for success, merely me sharing my experience, what worked and what didn’t in hopes of helping others find their own ways.


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