Employee Engagement

Quick pointers for employee engagement

If you’re a business leader, you know that employee engagement is key to the success of your organization. After all, engaged employees are more productive, creative, and committed to their work, which can lead to a more positive work environment and greater overall success.

But how do you create an environment that encourages employee engagement?

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Pottering about

“hey, can i interview you on my Facebook Live about plants?” Said Pennie from HOMA2U.

I got a shock cause i get asked to speak quite often but this is the first time i’ve been invited to talk about plants! I figured it be good fun and definitely something different, so i said yes. Click on the image to see how the chat went.

Went LIVE on HOME2u.com ‘s Facebook Page
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Our Rebranding

Listen to our rebranding in this interview on BFM, The Business Radio Station and hear about how and why we went about it and pick up valuable advice if you want to embark on such an endeavour. Listen to the podcast here.

Thank you to Audrey Raj and BFM for everything.



Here are some key pointers for entrepreneurs and non-marketing business leaders to help you improve your marketing strategy and hopefully get you the results you desire.

Having worked with various business leaders over the last year, i realised that many organisations are not achieving their full marketing potential as they are being held back by the leader’s mindset towards marketing. In today’s consumer world, people no longer buy what you are selling but how you are selling. They buy the stories you tell and are captivated by the creativity of your marketing efforts. It is no longer about if i build it, they will buy, it is about creating emotional connection with the brand. Its about owning space in being top of mind in an every crowded world.
As there are a myriad of resources for Marketing 101, here are some key learnings we discovered from our first hand experience.

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Spaghetti Management?

Here’s a quick organisational health check for you. If any of these sound familiar, you may be in a toxic organisation under questionable leadership.

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2020 came and went in a flash.

Almost everything around the globe came to a standstill from March till the end of the year, and with no end in sight yet. It is an unprecedented epidemic that sent the world into turmoil. Like all years, i try to pen down some of the things i’ve learnt in the past year, sharing with you in hopes that you may find it valuable to your life too. Let’s see what this disruptive year has taught me… and not all are COVID lessons.

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Of Accolades & Recognition

The great Zig Ziglar, the true OG guru of management once said that research indicates that workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company. RECOGNITION.

“research indicates that workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.”
Zig Ziglar

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On Revitalising

“Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) has refreshed its brand positioning to be more marketing-centric instead of merely being a certification body. For 25 years, MBR has been the only official national record keeper  and its team’s only function was to process and research applications. Jwan Heah, director, marketing solutions of Malaysia Book of Records told A+M that the brand has been a passive one and has not “optimised its 25-year brand history and resources.”

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A recent discovery

I first came across this phrase and learnt a lot about it from Tony Robbins during Unleash The Power Within back in 2016, but only just recently felt its impact on my life, fully understood what Tony meant and finally began to make a conscious effort in applying this mindset living. Hear about how i came about this realisation in the video below.

What should we do now?

jwan heah
Keep Things Positive

With the global epidemic of Covid-19 and the ensuing movement control order (mco) here in Malaysia, many SME businesses are facing unprecedented issues not only in their organisation, but in almost all aspect of life. I have been having multiple discussions with various SME owners and everyone is facing difficulties. We are all in this together.

Nobody can tell you what to do or even give you proven advice, and let us be honest, anyone who does claim they are experts and give you advice, they’d have to have lived through the Spanish Flu of 1918. These are unprecedented times and we are facing a global epidemic, everything but the kitchen sink has to be thrown in to it. Based on my experience and multiple discussions, here are 3 small things that i believe SME/small business owners can do and adopt during these troubling times to hopefully help surf through this storm.
The 3Rs.

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