Before business

jwanheahAn inspiring friend asked me this question after hearing of the wins and lessons i faced throughout my journey as an entrepreneur; What are the 3 most important pieces of advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a business. I’ve been asked this question in different forms a few times and the ensuing conversation was a truly meaningful one which hit close to the heart both for my new friend and i.

So briefly, here are my top 3 things i’d share with anyone. We’ll dive deeper into each individually and a couple more in future posts.



Thats the key word to anything in life.

For years people have told me that i’ve always had an opinion on things, voicing my thoughts where they weren’t needed or speaking my mind when it was not necessary. I had an opinion on each one of those people too…

Then the high wave i was riding finally crashed and like a surfer hitting the corals, it hit me in the face. Happiness was a result of being mindful, being consciously in control of your thoughts. Like the great Gandhi said, If your thoughts become your words, and your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny then that path i was on was definitely not the destiny i had in mind. I made and continuously make an effort to consciously control my thoughts through active gratitude practice, meditation and what has been most effective for me; positive reframing. Having pulled through (still not over) a tough period of my life, i’ve been able to confront my fears, address issues i once kept mum about, seek help when needed, and refocus my life and business.

A leopard can’t change its spots. I still have opinions albeit this time round they are no longer opinions but just me being transparent in sharing what i’ve gone through in life and business.

So here’s the start of me sharing my experiences and knowledge about┬áthe ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, life teachings, wins & lessons in business, importance of culture & the team, and most importantly staying happy.┬áMethods and practices shared here in this blog are not the best nor are they roadmaps for success, merely me sharing my experience, what worked and what didn’t in hopes of helping others find their own ways.