Pulse Asia

Pulse Asia is a BRAND EXPERIENCE COMMUNITY that creates platforms to help organisations connect with the people that matter most.

In today’s fast changing landscape, we believe that for any brand to be sustainable it has to be built from the heart and grown around a strong community of brand loyalist. We help our clients connect with people that matter most through on-ground events, employee engagement, strategic partnerships, digital and social media platforms.

Made up of a dynamic fun loving team known as the PULSELITES, we believe that brands should be architects of community and as an organization have the responsibility to empower and enrich the communities we operate in.

It is the people that make a company what it is. Pulse Asia is made up of fun loving happy people from all walks of life that make us a uniquely dynamic team, bonded together by our common values. We maintain a flat NO door + NO Negativity policy and promote a culture of trust & happiness that allows freedom in the sharing of opinions and ideas.

1. Focus on continuous improvement
2. Fun at work
3. We are family
4. A.R.T – Accountability, Reliability, and Transparency
5. From the heart
6. WOW

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