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This post is rather late, but as they say ‘better late than never’. As i was looking back on the year, 2015 was tough, 2016 though was a year filled with blessings and discoveries. Sure it was rough year plagued with challenges and obstacles, but looking back i chose to count my blessings instead. So 2016 was an amazing year for me, i rediscovered the soul of the team, i had the opportunity to meet alot of new friends and from which new genuine friendships were formed, i met and obtained mentorship from amazing business personalities, i learnt more about entrepreneurship in 2016 then i have in the last 10 years of being in business, i learnt about life, and most importantly i learnt about myself.

While my previous posts captured alot of my new learnings in 2016, here’s a quick recap of some of the top things i learnt in 2016 and what i am striving to practice or implement in my life and organisation.

  1. Be humble
    Got to keep reminding myself, always stay humble. Always be willing to share knowledge and experience with anyone willing to learn. I discovered in 2016 that THIS is THE most common trait shared by successful people.
  2. The Community
    If the only thing you are good at is taking, society has no need for a person like you. Whenever and however you can, always help those less fortunate than you and never stop giving to the community. In 2016 i learnt that charity is not about giving money or buying things for the less fortunate, it is empowering them that makes a difference. Share your knowledge and experience to equip people with the ability to find their  way forward in life.
  3. Lead by example
    “If the boss don’t care, why should i care?”. How the leaders behave and operate is how the organisation will behave and operate. The energy level of the leaders, the level of involvement of the leaders, the behaviours of the leaders, the practices and habits of the leaders, the enthusiasm of the leaders towards the business, these are the things you should keep in check if you want your team and the organisation to develop and grow.
  4. Mindset
    There is nothing more powerful than the mind. Another observation i made in 2016 was that some of the most successful entrepreneurs always kept a positive view on everything. They hardly spoke ill of others, in fact, they continuously looked for the positive angle to everything. If you go looking for faults you will find it, if it takes the same amount of effort, why don’t we just look for the good in people and situations instead?. If we go looking, I’m sure we’ll find it.
  5. Listen
    Easier said than done, something i have to learn to do better. Plain and simple, listen. Listen to what your team is saying to you, listen to the needs of people around you, listen to what isn’t being said, interrupt less and listen more.
  6. Learn
    Learning does not come from classrooms or a structured teaching methodology. Gaining knowledge comes from everywhere. If you keep an open mind, a mind always ready to learn, a mind always on the lookout for even the smallest of knowledge and experience, you will learn something from anyone and anywhere.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! May 2017 be another amazing year for you! 

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