Tour of The CAstle

In our quest to build a unique values driven organisation, Pulse Asia is continuously working to ensure we get our fundamentals right. These fundamentals or the foundation of our legacy will be the cultivation and disciplined practice of our values, defining and maintaining the Pulse Asia culture, and the continued implementation and fine-tuning of our strategies to propel us towards our vision.

As PulsElites we focus on continuous self improvement, hence we continuously seek inspiration and are always looking out for opportunities to learn. I’ve been following a fellow Bond Alumnus who has been making waves for years in the legal and property industry here in Malaysia. As we were blessed with the opportunity to reset what we were doing, i got in touch with this “Maverick Lawyer” and requested for one of his famous private tours of his award winning “CAstle”.

An interior design award winning law firm… what?
Thats Right! Chur Associates is a legal firm that has won an interior design award!

Chris Tan aka The Maverick Lawyer is the founder and managing partner of CHUR ASSOCIATES. The colourful and extremely energetic Chris Tan is well known in the property scene and can be seen and heard sharing his knowledge at various property talks around Malaysia and beyond. He is also the author of numerous publications including a recent book jointly penned with the voice of BFM, Ms.Freda Liu. Shake & Spear Your Business has also launched a 4-day workshop series of which 10 entrepreneurs including yours truly were honoured to be the first of this unique workshop.

Chris Tan

Back to the tour!

Chris Tan is among a growing number of entrepreneurs who have given the sharing economy a literal meaning, believing in “good things must share!”.
As he has managed to unconventionally build a business in an industry known to be rather bland and uptight, he now opens his doors (by appointment and availability) to organisations who wish to learn and see how he built his organisation and experience the unique CHUR ASSOCIATES (CA) culture.

“good things must share!”

When a date was offered to the PulsElites, without any hesitation we cleared our schedules & minds and made our way to The CAstle. Chris Tan himself takes groups on tours of his 3-storey law firm and the 2-hour tour takes you into his life, the history of CHUR ASSOCIATES, a look at the unique culture, and how The CAstle came to be.

PulsElites & Friends @ The CAstle

Located on a small hill just off Old Klang Road, The exterior although aesthetically appealing doesn’t prepare you for what lies within. Stepping into the CAstle, you momentarily forget you just walked into a law firm. The interior of Chur Associates office is something you might expect out of a creative agency, an interior design firm or a super cool tech startup! Actually, i personally think it puts most creative spaces to shame. The CAstle is true reflection of Chris Tan and The CAtizens. Its not just inspiration everywhere around the CAstle, you will also find old movie posters, unique hidden touches, and not forgetting Manchester United and Star Wars memorabilia. It even has its own tourist brochure that is handed out to first time visitors! The brochure includes a history of Chur Associates, features founding CAtizens and even a map of The CAstle!

castle tours
Tourist reading the brochure
chur associates
Sights @ The CAstle

The PulsElites were left amazed and inspired by what Chris had done and the amazing  insights he gave. We plan to take all the key learnings and inspiration and ingrain them into Pulse Asia. Be impossible for me to put 2-hours of his time here in a blog post as everything in Chur Associates has a story, so here are a few nuggets of inspiration:

When asked about a Ho Chi Minh busts in the reception
In communism, “Everyone is a leader in their own role”. As Chris himself put it, he is not superman and cannot do each and every one of the roles and jobs as well as his fellow colleagues can.

Chris pointed out that all the Chur Associates signages are transparent. Why?
“You don’t see us, its about you not us.” A legal firm like a brand experience agency (Pulse Asia, ahem!) works in the background to ensure our clients attain their objectives and desired outcomes.

Talking about those miss matched door panels: “If we are expecting every client to be the same, we are compromising on quality”. Take a personalised approach to every client that walks through those doors, no templates, no two clients are the same. Delivering our best to every client.

It was a wonderful mind blowing evening at The CAstle. A big thank you to Chris Tan, Pancy, and The CAtizens for opening your home to us and The PulsElites will definitely be back again soon!

More pictures of The PulsElites tour of The CAstle can be found here.

For more information on Chris Tan & Chur Associates,  check out the links below:

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His Books can be purchased at

Chris Tan on Linkedin

Shake & Spear Your Business

Chur Associates CAstle build process

“Life is like a deck of cards. Its not the card you’re dealt, its how you play your hand.”


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