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19th May 2017: Workculture.asia’s first live event.
Workculture.asia is a community initiative brought to you by PULSE ASIA & WOBB, in association with CULTURISTIC of PKT Logistics Group. Conceptualised with an aim to curate and share knowledge and best practices to help build beautiful organisations throughout Malaysia and greater Asia.

work culture kuala lumpur asia
on a mission to help build beautiful organisations to work with

Workculture.asia had our first LIVE event on the 19th of May 2017 at the cool new co-working space WORQ in GLO MALL. Our first knowledge sharing event saw us briefly introducing WORKCULTURE.ASIA, our objectives behind this community initiative, and sharing on what we have planned for the future. Our line-up of speakers for this event included Derek Toh from WOBB, Jwan (me!) from PULSE ASIA, Chris from HUMAN INC, and special guest Dato Michael Tio from PKT LOGISTICS GROUP.

The event was hosted by WOBB’s very own Shakira and we ran a quick giveaway competition thanks to our H2O sponsors TETRAPAK Malaysia.

MC workculture at worq glo mall
Our lovely MC, Shakira from WOBB

We first had Derek Toh of WOBB and co-founder of workculture.asia on stage to share his story on the establishment of WOBB, information on research and findings behind Gen-Y/Millenials and the importance of work culture, as well as clearly defining WHAT CULTURE AT WORK really is. Derek also shared on how successful organisations have created effective work cultures that are powered by their core values.

derek toh work culture wobb
Derek Toh, founder of WOBB and Co-Founder of Workculture.Asia

I (Jwan!) from PULSE GROUP ASIA then took the stage to share briefly on my entrepreneurial journey that included the pitfalls to avoid and the importance of employee engagement. I also shared my simple methodology on how to build and develop employee engagement in any organisation.

jwan heah employee engagement workculture work
Workculture.asia co-founder Jwan (Me!) on building employee engagement

Next up up we had Christoffer Erichsen of HUMAN INC as one of our invited speakers who spoke about how to build a culture of innovation.

chris human inc workculture asia worq
Chris from Human INC speaking on how to build a culture of innovation

Our keynote speaker and advisor for workculture.asia Dato Michael Tio (DMT) from PKT Logistics Group inspired the crowd as usual with his PKT transformation story, the strategies applied and his focus on the importance of CSR.

dato michael tio csr pkt logistics
Dato michael tio PKT logistics
Dato Michael Tio (DMT) on the PKT Story
venue WORQ at GLO MALL
Special thanks to venue partner WORQ at GLO MALL
supplycart pulse asia worq workculture
snacks, fruits and more by SUPPLYCART.MY

Special thanks to our partners: venue by WORQ, water by TETRAPAK and snacks by SUPPLYCART

One of the beauties of attending events by Workculture.Asia besides gaining new knowledge, is meeting new people!

We’d like to thank everyone who came to our first event and we look forward to seeing you at the next workculture.asia live!

Like to leave you with this important nugget of knowledge from Workculture.asia.

“The biggest misconception about work culture is that it is about bean bags, fun outings, the pool table and funky office. It is not, work culture is solely about HOW PEOPLE BEHAVE.”

Follow this blog and workculture.asia for future events!

work culture wobb derek toh
The misconception about work culture

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