Sharing some of my fave videos that have inspired or helped me. If you haven’t already watched them, do spare the time.

Always Start With Why. Simon Sez.
Simon Sinek’s theory on how leaders inspire action, from his best selling book “Start With Why”.

Because culture trumps strategy.
Nobody has done it better than Mr.Tony Hsieh of Zappos. From USD$0 to USD$1B in sales in under 10-years. Achieved through the intentional focus on a fun service oriented culture. There are tons of videos on Zappos culture as well as interviews with it’s founder Mr.Tony Hsieh, search the web for more if you want to know more on how he built an amazing brand.

Why wouldn’t you want Happiness on demand? Nuff’ said.
The practice of gratitude pulled me up from an all time low in my life and i have now made it a daily practice. Appreciate what you have and you’ll see how beautiful your life is.

No matter what, dress up and show up. The Sapuers
My interpretation of this video is that no matter the hardship that surrounds you, putting in the effort in dressing up and looking good makes you feel good. Feeling good rewires us into a different frame of mind, a positive mindset.


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