North Star

In a previous post we spoke about the top 3 pieces of advice, today we are diving a little deeper and going to look at item number one, VISION.

Vision is determining where you’re going, your north star. A shining beacon that keeps you on course no matter the weather. It could be your dream translated into a statement, or literally how the organisation looks like in 20-years or maybe how it looks like at the end of your life, it could also be what you want the company to remembered for or known for. It answers questions like what legacy do you want to leave behind? What is the purpose of this organisation? If your only goal is to make money, go get a job, work hard and climb the corporate ladder. 95% of businesses fail in the first five years. Truth is, even if you do make it past the 5 year mark… your personal take home income may never be as high as what you’d be earning as an employee.

95% of businesses fail in the first five years


If the captain does not set a heading then a ship is either going to stay berthed at port or be lost adrift at sea. Only by knowing your destination can you strategise, plan and decide how you are going to get there. Your short and long term strategic plans have to drive the organisation towards something or somewhere, and you can only develop those plans if you clearly know where you’re going. Most often times we focus solely on HOW (as it is much easier and comes naturally) and continuously work hard at it only to end up nowhere or burning out after a few years. There was no compelling end or dream to chase, no concrete reason to keep at it. So get your vision down on paper, let there be a meaning to what you’re doing.

VISION is determining where you’re going, your NORTH STAR.

If you are going to go anywhere far, you’re going to have to go together with people who want to go where you want to go too. Having a clear vision allows you to attract people who share that same vision to join you aboard your ship and sail to the ends of the world. A vision’s purpose is also to continually motivate and inspire the team to grow and develop with the company towards greater things.

We spent quite some time trying to piece together our passions, personalities, what we’d like to be remembered for, and most importantly what we’d like to see in this world. Here is Pulse Group Asia’s (current) vision statement which i believe we will continue to refine as we progress. The words may change but the meaning will always remain the same.

“To grow empowered communities and spread happiness through the creation and execution of positive engagement experiences.” 

Pulse Group Asia



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