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They say life is not about the destination but the journey. And its a long journey, so who you travel with makes all the difference.

If you’ve decided on where you’re heading (the vision) and you’ve got on board a ship (the company), you can’t steer a massive ship all by yourself so working and piloting the ship to your destination requires a crew. A crew that has to be made up of sailors, navigators, engineers, deck hands and a host of other shipmates who are required to perform a plethora of functions to keep the ship afloat (financially sound!) and on the right course.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

To get to your next port of call smoothly, you are gonna need to have the right people on board, people who are equipped with the required skills to perform the job functions, want to go to the same destination as you and most importantly have the right attitude and personality. The latter because when you’re in the middle of the atlantic, a mutiny could cause irreversible damage that would send you off-course or worse yet, sink the ship. It is imperative that the ship is manned by a crew who work well together and trust each other.

It can be painful sometimes but you have to accept the fact that along the journey, the ship will make port and shipmates will disembark. People disembark for various reasons and none should ever be taken personally. Along this long and sometimes choppy trip, some may have decided on a different destination, maybe a different route, some may have decided that this port is their last, maybe they disagreed with the captain’s decisions, and for some it could be just that they’re tired of the sea. As good shipmates, you always wish everyone well and that their journey will be a smooth one. On the flip side, when a ship makes port, there are also people who want to come aboard…


R.I.P Ah-Siong

To sum it up. Put extra effort in getting the right people on board, bringing the wrong people on board can be long, painful and costly. Take the time to discover their passions so that the team can help place them in the right seats. Understand that sometimes those seats may not necessarily be aligned with their skillets, and you may discover some hidden talents within your team. Make it mandatory that all shipmates understand the values and practice those values to ensure the culture of teamwork and trust is preserved. Appreciate and accept that along the way some will get off and some will get on. If you hired based on the values, lived by those values, then when a shipmate leaves, i’m sure he/she will ensure the ship will still sail smoothly when they disembark. If all hands on deck work well together, nothing can stop this ship from sailing the world.

I have had the honour of serving some awesome people throughout the years. People who have made the journey an amazing and truly memorable one.

If you would like me to dive deeper on any part of this post or if you’d like to discuss anything, drop me an email. Have an awesome week everyone!


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