A Look In The Mirror


While reflecting on how we’re doing things differently today, i decided to pen down some of the key learnings. When the brand we help built collapses, thats when your eyes open and you can see things clearly, when you realise and reflect on the strategies, the steps taken, the actions, the things you said, the things people were saying. You start to recall and note down how the people in the organisation behaved and you notice a pattern. These are the results of the unspoken rules and values that govern the organisation, its culture. Like having an epiphany you are suddenly aware of what you did wrong, as a leader in the company, what you failed to act upon.

The captain always goes down with the ship, and if i am the captain of this ship it is my job to ensure the ship stays its course and never goes down because by golly i don’t want to drown (again!). Continue reading “A Look In The Mirror”

A day with The DMT

Dato Michael Tio DMT

PKT Logistics is operating in an industry where you would almost certainly never hear the words ‘people centric’ and ‘fun corporate culture’ be frequently mentioned let alone ingrained into every aspect of its business. PKT even prides itself as being Facebook compulsory! Definitely unheard of even in many industries.

Well with only a 2% employee turnover rate and 50% returning staff, PKT logistics is putting Malaysia on the world map for logistics thanks to it’s commitment to being world class in all aspects of its business. So when an opportunity arrived to spend half a day with the man behind this revolutionary transformation was offered by my friend from Medicos Disposables , i jumped on the opportunity without hesitation.  An intimate session with the amazing Dato Michael Tio or better known as DMT was truly an amazing experience and an inspiring afternoon to be remembered.
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pulse asia

pulse asia

They say life is not about the destination but the journey. And its a long journey, so who you travel with makes all the difference.

If you’ve decided on where you’re heading (the vision) and you’ve got on board a ship (the company), you can’t steer a massive ship all by yourself so working and piloting the ship to your destination requires a crew. A crew that has to be made up of sailors, navigators, engineers, deck hands and a host of other shipmates who are required to perform a plethora of functions to keep the ship afloat (financially sound!) and on the right course.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

To get to your next port of call smoothly, you are gonna need to have the right people on board, people who are equipped with the required skills to perform the job functions, want to go to the same destination as you and most importantly have the right attitude and personality. The latter because when you’re in the middle of the atlantic, a mutiny could cause irreversible damage that would send you off-course or worse yet, sink the ship. It is imperative that the ship is manned by a crew who work well together and trust each other. Continue reading “Shipmates”


jwan yeah

jwan yeah

“We don’t compete. We’ve created our culture and we’re continuously evolving. In the end it’s up to the jobseeker to decide which organization suits his/her desires values and goals.”

Had a quick chat with recruitment and corporate culture guru Derek Toh recently where i shared my views on Gen Y work life balance and how we recruit PulsElites. Read about it here and check out his blog to follow this former Robert Walters associate director’s thoughts on recruitment, corporate culture and Gen Y.